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Call Us Today!
(601) 859-2555

Why Choose Us?

At Bowlin Foundation Repair, we educate our customers on how important of an investment a house is. Foundations require maintenance just like any other element of a house. Without a strong foundation, your home can suffer many issues.

We have had the same crew for over 15 years. Over this time, our team has gained a lot of knowledge about the industry and the skills needed to handle any foundation repair issue.
All of our technicians are screened and verified to be legally employed before they enter the field. This ensures quality on every foundation project we handle.
As owners, Wayne and Vickie Bowlin, know that trust is earned from a customer. Our family is going to work hard to treat your family and home as we would want to be treated. We stand firmly planted in the roots of the American values where your business is appreciated and your satisfaction determines a job well done.

Our Method of Repair
Concrete underpinning spread footings are installed approximately 4’X4’X16” and constructed of 4000 PSI concrete. This steel support system is cut specifically to fit each individual job. We created this system after years of seeing what happens with other repair methods. Over time, concrete blocks used as support can deteriorate and crack.

Piling systems using concrete cylinders lack lateral strength. Alignment is almost impossible due to soil conditions and below ground obstructions. Depth requirement is determined by the load of the structure being raised. These cylinders can have the same breakage issues as the concrete blocks due to the mass production of them.

We have seen numerous homes where this method raised the outside walls too high, thus causing the house to sink in the middle. The steel support system that we use has a standard tensile strength minimum of 125,000 PSI and 2 of these are used in each underpinning spread footing thus doubling the tensile strength PSI.

Spread Footing
Deteriorated Foundation Concrete Blocks
Steel Support System
For a free onsite estimate and consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you with all your foundation repair needs.

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